Janine's Vacation




 It is with sadness and regret that I announce I am taking down my website Janineís Vacation effective immediately.

For the past ten years, this website has given me much joy and has served many purposes in my life. It started as a personal vanity site that allowed me to fulfill the narcissistic insecurities of a fledgling woman and share my thoughts and joys of personal experiences, my personal growth, my triumphs and my heartaches. Along the way I was humbled beyond words when others came to visit to thank me or seek my counsel, as ill equipped as I may have been to counsel them.

I have reached a point in my life where the truths and the consequences of my life path direction have dictated that I remove my internet presence both to protect my loved ones and also the needs of my employer. I know that I have a small group of loyal and wonderful long time visitors who will be disappointed by this action. I can only say I am sorry but I know you will understand that my reasons are noble and necessary. You may still contact me at janinelaurent@yahoo.com if you need someone to talk to. I will remain active in the community and provide support in my own way behind the scenes.

As I go, I leave you with these final thoughts. Always be proud of who you are and never apologize for being different. Live the life that you and everyone else in this world has a God given right to live. Realize that the only obstacle you truly face is yourself. Live each day as if it were your last. Be grateful to those who came before you and help those who come after you. I wish you all good health, a happy life and Godís blessings. Youíve all been wonderful to me and I give you all one final standing ovation.

Sincerely and gratefully yours,

Janine Laurent